Before you place your resume, check it out for the following items:

  • Does it have grammatical and lexical errors? Ask a friend to read your resume before sending it, or use the online spell checker;
  • in the description of this place of work, there should be verbs of the present tense: I work, design, manage;
  • in the description of previous places of work there should be verbs in the past tense;
  • There should be one style of narration throughout the summary, the same applies to abbreviations. If you used abbreviations somewhere, use them throughout the text (although it is better to abandon abbreviations and write names in full);
  • the summary format should be easy to read (large margins, not small fonts, but not too large fonts, sufficient spacing between lines, etc.);
  • for the printed version, use white paper of good quality;
  • the resume should fit on one, maximum of two pages;
  • if necessary, you should be able to confirm all the information that is included in the resume.

Not bad idea is to create a resume in two languages. Of course, the same requirements for design, narration and stylistic are the same for a resume in a foreign language.

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