Some tricks for success:

  1. Remember that a federal resume and a resume for the private sector are two completely different types of resumes. If you intend to be a job seeker in both the government and private sector, take your time to prepare 2 different resumes.
  2. Follow the rules and stick to the correct size of a resume. Unlike a private resume, a federal resume has an unofficial volume. Although the specific number of pages is not called, it is assumed that a federal resume size should be not less than 4-5 pages minimum. In any case, you need to describe your whole working history over the past 10 years in detail, so 2 pages obviously will not be enough to do that.
  3. Include in your resume the necessary keywords that suit your profession field and occupation. Using the right keywords will not only help your resume overcome the machine barrier of the ATS system but will also highlight your competence in the eyes of a recruiter.
  4. Illustrate your value as an employee using concrete numbers, not abstract measurement. If your strategy has led to an improvement in productivity of the enterprise, indicate how many percent and in what period you gained.

5. Do not get carried away with a description of your hobbies, but underline only those that are directly related to your professional self-improvement. If you are applying for the position of English Literature teacher, then reading as a hobby can be noted. In another case, it will be redundant.

6. Compose your resume so, that your value as an employee is emphasized and obvious to the recruiter. As well as your ideal matching current job opening. For this purpose, pay special attention to the correct summary and a strong objective, because at these sections exactly the recruiter pays attention from the first seconds.

Our short article was devoted to just a few key tips on writing a federal resume. You can find more useful and detailed and information forming the complete federal resume guide on the official website. The article will also offer you full instruction with a step-by-step strategy for creating your federal resume.

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