1. Cheating

By assigning yourself additional knowledge and experience, you are unlikely to get a job. In the best case, you will be invited for an interview, but an experienced HR in a personal conversation by asking additional questions will immediately reveal the deception.

  1. Pretentious style and bureaucracy

If you want to create a memorable resume, do not try to highlight your resume using an unusual font, format or bright colors. A clearly structured resume, which clearly demonstrates your achievements and benefits, is much more attractive to the employer.

Avoid clerical. Only a business style is permitted. But at the same time, pick up living expressions, characteristic of the business style.

  1. Cliches

Delete from the resume all phrases in the style of “highly motivated specialist with good communication skills and result-oriented” or “looking for a job, where I can show all my best qualities and skills”. Remember that an employer receives dozens or even hundreds of resumes per day. Your task is to stand out among them, and used expressions are definitely not the best way.

 Use the summary and so-called keywords. To do this, carefully read the requirements for the vacancy and highlight for yourself the basic terms used by the employer.

  1. General Skill Information

Using Word and Excel has long ceased to be a special skill. It is owned by any person working in the office. Such data will only distract your resume and distract from really significant advantages.

  1. Personal data

Family status, gender, the presence of children are not interesting for the employer. Your task is in a laconic way to show your advantages as a specialist, and not tell your life story.

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